Untouched World SS17/18

Spring  / Summer 2017/18

Shot in and around the award winning house 'Skyfall' in Little River and at Birdlings Flat with photography by Dean Mackenzie.

Taking a breath

Our summer shoot was shot on the hottest day of the year so far, 35 degrees with a strong Nor'Wester. It made the shooting difficult and tiring. The extreme heat at midday made us shoot a large amount indoors. The wind became a major hindrance as clothing and hair became unmanageable and the heat made the makeup troublesome. 

Some like it hot

The heat and wind on the day was a major factor to the amount of usable shots we were able to get. I had to make calls on the spot when things weren't quite working. 

Summer Breeze

The dry golden landscape played a part in the shooting of the collection. We like to keep things clean as it gives us more to work with for marketing material.