Untouched World SS16/17

Spring / Summer 2016/17

I was given creative control on the artistic direction for the collection. I worked closely with the photographer (Steven Goodenough) to create a Summer look. 
Unfortunately, we had appalling weather for a 'Summer' shoot and I needed to think on the spot to find ways to deliver all the necessary shots as we only had one day to complete the location shoot. The photography became the defining direction for the look books and creative direction for the up coming season.

A moment of calm

It may look like a calm day, but a cold southerly made its way over the hillside and down into the bay. We stood six wide to make a wall to block the wind so the photographer could get the shot.

A moment of reflection

We had access to an exclusive holiday home on the hillside over Pigeon Bay. A stunning ECO home that reflected all the qualities that we try to imbue. 

a moment of respect

While the weather didn't want to play ball, the house gave us plenty to work with and we were able to shoot several key shots inside while things calmed down outside.