PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson

Get the Dirt Campaign

This campaign was a direct to customer piece supplemented with in-store promotional material. The creative inspiration was a classic noir direction, treating it like a private detective case. 

In-Store Promotional Poster.

Direct to customer mail out.

Fineline Campaign

This was a successful campaign to promote PGG Wrightson’s experience and expertise in crop management and production in what is a conservative rural market. Based on the client’s brief, I worked along side the Creative Director and developed the initial concept and how it would be utilised across the media plan. I then worked closely with the photographer to get the desired shots, scouting the final location on the day of the shoot as the selected one from the client wasn’t suitable. From there I produced promotional material including a unique direct mail piece to help promote the campaign.

In-Store Promotional Poster.

Direct to Customer mail out.

Animal Health Promotion

This was an inshore campaign to promote the wide variety of animal health products available in the PGG Wrightson stores. They say never work with kids and animals. This farm dog was one of the best models I have ever worked with. The whole shoot took less than 30 minutes and he performed flawlessly.

Behind You All The Way Campaign

The Autumn Pasture campaign was to draw awareness to PGG’s extensive knowledge in pasture renewal and that they are right behind their client.