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The Great South Island Road trip

The Press wanted to increase readership over their media network and had an initial concept of a South Island wide competition. This was a competition that encompassed a broad media strategy with extensive exposure in print as well as online, in magazines and television. From a 'loose' creative brief, the Creative Director and I worked out the game strategy, the rules and how the competition would roll out. I created 28 unique stylised 'stamps' and an illustrated map of the South Island as the competition game board. I also oversaw a fully animated television commercial, produced online flash animation, bus backs, display stands and a full range of newspaper advertising, with daily ads running across six South Island papers for the month long competition.


The Press - Fastline Campaign

This was a series of quarter page ads in Fastline Magazine advertising the new full colour press.


The Press - New Colour DM

This was a DM piece for The Press to advertise that they are able to print full colour on every page with their new printing press. The DM was based on the CMY colour charts which were used extensively in print production.

This DM piece was folded down to 1/12th the size - similar to a traditional CMY Colour Sheet.