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Business Lighting Solutions


A Very Bright Idea

I spent twelve months working in-house at Business Lighting Solutions in Auckland. The Creative Director/Founder came from an industrial design background and had plenty of vision and talent but needed my support to put these designs into an accessible graphic package that the sales team could utilise to their best advantage.  It was a fascinating journey into the world of industrial design and production. 

The Business Lighting Solutions Website.

The BLS Website was a complete rebuild and we utilised the multi award winning web company Gladeye.

I was in charge of developing the new design direction of BLS.

We wanted the journey throughout
the website to be visually rich
and informative.

The products are class leaders in
design and build, so the site needed to reflect these attributes. Rather than static images and product information,
we created a dynamic responsive
visual journey that showcased the
product, while giving important information to the viewer.

This can be seen here:

The Soffito

A unique locally designed LED fixture that raises the bar in performance, efficiency, practicality and installation. While it may look plain from underneath, there is a wealth of design innovation that has gone into this product. I had to sell it with out giving away too much to the competition. I also came up with the name, which means 'ceiling' in Italian. 

The Infinity

Each product needed a set of support and promotional materials: Brochures, Single Page Information Sheets, SKU Labels, Box Packaging, Installation Instructions. All had to have the same design ethos and application, so the design style needed to be clean and efficient, like the products themselves.

The HBP High Bay Pendant

This was a completely different shape to the other products in the BLS range, but it still needed to fit in with the design style sheets. 

I added 3D Modelling to the cross section to help illustrate the heat dissipation.

Single page information brochure. These were made available for download on the BLS website.